Here’s why Recruital’s relationship with candidates is so good for Clients.

Today, many client’s have reservations about using agencies.

At Recruital, we’re different, and we mean it.

We meet every single client either virtually or face to face– to gain a full and deep understanding of the roles you need support with and what they mean to you and your business.

Then, our candidate screening process ensures you’ll only ever engage with candidates who meet the criteria for the role, both professionally and culturally.

You can rest assured that every candidate you choose to meet will be fully prepped by us, and arrives with you ready for a successful and informative conversation .

Not only are we a specialist recruiter who can offer significant cost savings over the traditional model, we also pride ourselves on the level and depth of engagement we undertake with the candidates to make them feel not only prepared but also trusted.

    The Recruital Difference

    Three great examples of why Recruital is a partner like no other.

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    Single Monthly Payment

    A single monthly payment is all that is required to access unlimited recruitment. Recruital does everything you’d expect a great recruitment agency to do, but for a fixed, monthly payment, regardless of the salary offered.

    Unlimited Recruitment

    There are no limits to the amount of recruitment you can make with the recruital model. There are no additional charges and you can make as many hires as required after your initial placement.

    No limits to the amount of hires you can make.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Our model works on giving you a dedicated Account Manager to handle all your recruitment needs. These are not sales people and are interested in building lasting relationships with you. They want to learn about your business and find the perfect fit for your team. You will be allocated an Account Manager to help you even before you start paying.

    We work as an extension of your team.

    Simple, straightforward pricing, with a Single Monthly Payment, Unlimited Recruitment, and a Dedicated Account Manager

    0-5 Team Members

    £ £150

    Per Month

    6-10 Team MembersMost Popular

    £ 299

    Per Month

    11-15 Team Members

    £ 499

    Per Month

    16-20 Team Members

    £ 760

    Per Month

    21-25 Team MembersMost Popular

    £ 950

    Per Month

    26-30 Team Members

    £ 1140

    Per Month


    "We are really pleased with the service from Recruital, they managed to find team members for our varied roles. The subscription model is a real bonus for us, we can spread our costs and know we are covered for all eventualities over the next year."