Contact Centres solutions that cover all the bases

Our experienced team have years working and managing contact centres. This experience allows us to find the right fit for your team and ensure that your latest team member is there for the long term. If you are still experiencing a high staff turnover our subscription based model ensures you only pay a fixed amount for all your recruitment needs. You can now comfortably budget for your recruitment spend throughout the year, you will be able to deal with all eventualities without any additional costs.

A Contact Centre with under 30 employees will only pay £2100 per month. This will give them unlimited recruitment for the next 12 months meaning they can increase or decrease their team as needed. A typical Contact Centre Team member will get paid £24,000 per annum, using any traditional recruiter a new hire at this pay rate will cost £3600.

    Reducing the cost of staff turnover.

    Staff Turnover in call centres is at 26%, with a team of 30 that would mean 8 new hires each year. At £3600 per hire that would be £28,800 per annum, with Recruital you would pay £13,680. That is a saving of £15,120 per annum a whopping 52%.


    The team at recruital are here to support you through out your subscription period. Your dedicated account manager will be on call as an extension of team to provide support and advice where needed. We have a proven process of interaction and reviews that ensure all our clients get the full benefit from our unique subscription model.

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